How it Works

Step by Step

Step 1:       

Select the products that you wish to sell:

  • The 12 types of cheese shown in the photos on the order form – Mild, Medium, and Old Cheddar, Mozzarella, Marble, Havarti, Hot Pepper, Monterey Jack, and Onion & Parsley, all in 400g packages, as well as 350g sized Extra-Old Cheddar, 300g sized 5-Year-Old Cheddar and a 400g bag of Parmesan.
  • For a fall campaign, you may select the Gift Basket line – by itself or in combination with the above-mentioned cheese pieces.

Step 2:        

Determine the approximate number of people who will be involved in your campaign. We require this information so that we can provide you with an appropriate number of order forms with photographs of the cheese on the front side. Please note that order forms can also be supplied as two pdf files.

Step 3:       

Contact us to obtain your campaign supplies. The information that we require includes:

  1. The name of the fundraising group
  2. Campaign starting date
  3. Number of participants
  4. The delivery address and directions if necessary
  5. The address to which you would like order forms sent if different that the delivery address
  6. The name and telephone numbers) of your campaign contact person(s)
  7. The e-mail address(es) of your campaign contact person(s)
  8. The organization’s fax number, if applicable
  9. Your program selection: Cheese Only ____ Cheese & Gift Baskets ____ Gift Baskets Only _____. Please note that the latter two options are only available for fall campaigns.
  10. Your order placement date
  11. Your desired delivery date, which must be at least 14 days after your order is placed. (Please refer to #6 below).


Step 4:

Upon receipt of your campaign supplies, distribute forms to participants, who will then pre-sell the cheese. Please refer to our “Helpful Hints” section for suggestions on organizing a successful fundraising campaign, which we composed based on feedback from other groups.

Step 5:

Request that your participants hand in the entire form with totals calculated and cross-matched for accuracy.

Step 6:

Request the campaign organizer(s) to calculate, on a separate order form, the total number of pieces of each product sold. Once they have done so, place your order by telephone, e-mail or fax at (519) 539-0294 or (403) 282-8356. Note that you can order the exact number of pieces of each product already sold. We do not have a full-case requirement, which means that you won’t have product left over at the end of your campaign. We will confirm the delivery date of your order when it has been placed.

Step 7:        

Receive your order on the arranged delivery date. We include bags for easy sorting and distribution to participants. A packing list will be enclosed with your order. Please ensure that you verify the quantities received before you sort and distribute the cheese. We take every precaution to ship exactly as ordered and list the contents of each case. If, however, any corrections are required to the quantities shipped, that must be reported to us prior to distribution.

Step 8:

Distribute the cheese to the participants with the request that they deliver it as soon as possible, collecting funds when they do if they didn’t at the time the order was received. Please keep in mind the fact that our product is perishable if not kept in a cool place. Thus, distribution should not be delayed. Also, please remind participants that, if they are accepting cheques, these should be made payable to your group.

Step 9:        

Pay the invoice that accompanies your order. You will be billed for the total number of pieces ordered, based on the pricing information provided, plus a modest delivery fee if applicable. (Please refer to the next page for specifics). Invoices can be paid in cash if being delivered by our driver, or by cheque or credit card – whatever works best for your group. Our payment terms are net 15 days (on approved credit).


We are available to you by telephone or e-mail to provide assistance or answer any questions that may arise during your fundraising project:



1-800-265-1973 Extension 26