Helpful Hints

Tips for a Successful Campaign



The key to the success of any project is good communication among those involved. Make sure there are clear, open lines of communication between the campaign organizer(s) and group leaders, teachers, parent helpers, etc. and, most importantly, the participants who will be your sales people. Effective two-way communication keeps everyone interested, informed and enthused.


As in most endeavors, the degree of organization can make the difference between success and failure. Setting up a sequence of events for your fundraising project – what happens and who is responsible – will make your campaign run smoothly and without confusion, since everyone will know exactly what is expected of him/her.

Recruiting Help:

Recruiting the assistance of parents and/or other adults has proven to be extremely beneficial for fundraising activities involving children. Such volunteers typically provide help with organizing, coordinating, calculating total orders, and distributing cheese to participants.


One of the biggest motivators for fundraising activities is making the participants aware of the purpose of your campaign. When they know why you are raising funds and why their participation is important if the campaign is to be successful, they are far more motivated to go out and get positive results. When younger children are involved, sending an informative note or newsletter home to the parents is also very effective. Doing so may result in the parents providing assistance by reinforcing the importance of each and every participant and encouraging sales efforts. Children are typically very proud when they are able to say that they did their part in achieving the group’s fundraising goal.

Product Knowledge:

We believe that it is important for the participants to be able to tell their customers a little bit about the product. They should therefore be informed that the cheese that they are selling is of the highest quality and comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and that cheese is a wholesome and nutritional food that is consumed in most homes, which is a good source of calcium. Letting the customers know that they can benefit by purchasing the product, while supporting your project, leads to a positive response.


We recommend that your participants pre-sell the product. This requires that orders be taken by each participant and totaled by the fundraising organizer(s) prior to placing your group order. Some groups also collect payment as orders are being taken. Participants should inform their customers of the expected delivery date of their individual orders.

Younger participants should be told to have each customer complete the information on the order form (name, telephone number, number of pieces, and amount). Parents or older siblings can assist in calculating totals.


Using the Telephone, Text Messaging and/or E-mail:

The telephone, text messaging and/or e-mail can be excellent sales tools for your participants, particularly younger ones who are not expected to make their sales in person. Inform the participants of how they can contact friends and relatives to ask for their support. Parents can be helpful in preparing an appropriate list of names and telephone/texting numbers or e-mail addresses.


Set Individual Targets for Participants:

Let each participant know how many pieces of cheese he/she should try to sell in order to meet the group’s total goal. Tell the participants what the total goal is and how, if each one of them meets his/her personal goal, the group will be successful. Each participant is then able to see the link between his/her contribution and the success of the campaign.

Rewards and Recognition:

Establish a system of rewards and/or recognition for achievement. For example, awarding prizes, special privileges, etc. or mentioning successful achievers at school assemblies or in group meetings establishes a sense of accomplishment and pride, and fosters friendly competition between participants. Also, recognizing the assistance given by parents, business people, teachers, organizers, etc., makes a positive impression that will foster willingness to assist again in the future.

Suggestions and Comments:

We are always pleased to receive comments and suggestions regarding fundraising experiences. We like to pass along helpful hints that we receive to future fundraising groups.


We are available to you by telephone or e-mail to provide assistance or answer any questions that may arise during your fundraising project:



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